Who is Allah?

For everyone that believes in God, there is always a thirst to know more about the supreme deity that has created all the planets and galaxies. 

In Islam every perfection and absolute goodness belongs to him and no defect or wrong applies to him. In specific terms, one should know and believe the following:

1. “God is only one, has no partner or son, and neither gives birth, nor is He born. He is eternally besought by all and has no beginning or end and none is equal to him.” (112:1-5)

2. “He is the merciful and compassionate, the guardian and the true guide, the just and the supreme lord, the creator and the watchful. The first and the last, the knowing and the wise, the hearing and the aware, the witness and the glorious, the able and the powerful.” (57:1-6; 59:22-24) 

3. “He is the loving and the provider, the generous and benevolent, the rich and the independent, the forgiving and the clement, the patient and the appreciative, the unique and the protecter, the judge and the peace. (3:31;11:6; 35:15; 65:2-3)

Each one of these names and attributes of God mentioned in various places of the Holy Quran. We all enjoy the care and mercy of God who is so loving and kind to his creation. 

“If we try to count his favours upon us, we can not, because they are countless.” (14:32-34; 16:10-18) 

God is high and supreme, but he is very near to the pious thoughtful people.  He answers their prayers and helps them, he loves the people who love him and forgives their sins. He gives them peace and happiness, knowledge and success, life and protection. He welcomes all those who want to be at peace with him and never rejects them. He teaches man to be good, to do the right, and to keep away from the wrong. Because he is so good and loving. He recommends and accepts only the good and right things. 

“The door of his mercy is always open to any who sincerely seeks his support and protection.” (2:186 ; 50:16)

The love of God for his creations is immense and beyond human imagination. God takes good care of us, not only from the time of our birth onwards but even long before that, he makes us in the best form of creation. And gives us all the sense and faculties that we need for our growth. He helps us when we can not help ourselves. And provides for us and for our dependant. He creates in man, the mind to understand the soul and conscience to be good and righteous, the feelings and sentiments to be kind and humane. 

From the book “Islam in Focus” by: Hammudah Abdulati


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