Do Muslims Celebrate Christmas?

As Christmas has just passed one can observe that a lot of non Christians and perhaps even some Muslims partook in the festivities. However, is it religiously ethical to “celebrate” Christmas? People argue that Christmas has become a commercialised global occasion and so being a part of it is a social and cultural celebration, not so much religious.

The truth however, is not the case, no matter how overwhelmingly large the Christmas industry becomes, at the core it is a religious celebration. Christmas as believed by Christians, celebrates the birth of the son of god, which by default goes against the teachings of Islam. In Islam, such a belief is blasphemy- denial of God’s oneness.

Therefore taking part in such celebrations or norms such as decorating a tree for instance isn’t just part of being socially accepted. Instead, it validates the Christian faith, and demeans the Muslim belief.

No ones saying to shun the holiday period or be anti Christmas, just be aware that instead of wishing your colleagues “Merry Christmas” a good Muslim is better off wishing them a “Happy Holiday” 


One thought on “Do Muslims Celebrate Christmas?

  1. Alhamdulillah! Indeed, today in the name of secularism, many brothers and sisters in Islam find it difficult to deal with celebrations and participation of various festivals. However, we really need to think about the consequences of our actions and what message we pass by acting in a certian manner. Perhaps we could also take such instances as a opportunity to give dawah and pass a message of Islam. Perhaps, when someone wishes us christmas, we could tell them why we respect Jesus(pbuh) as a prophet.
    Nevertheless, if that seems awkward and difficult wishing Happy holidays is always a good alternative. Masha’Allah, Well written. 🙂 looking forward to more posts from you.

    Your sister from India

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